Venice Must Do’s and Packing List

Venice is seriously one of my most favorite places on Earth. In case you missed it, check out the recap from our weekend in Venice.

I shared a lot of pictures of what we did, saw and enjoyed. And today, I thought I’d share a quick must-do list, as well as a packing list. Everyone’s wants for a vacation are different, these are just things that we loved.

venice must dos

I mentioned a lot of these yesterday, but I didn’t touch on San Marco.

The cocktail in San Marco after dinner is great. A lot of the restaurants have a band that plays the most fun music. Be aware that there is usually a music fee if you sit down, but it’s well worth it. The lights from San Marco are incredible and the experience outweighs any cocktail prices.

And since we were there at the beginning of October, the weather was a little chilly and rainy. Of course if you visit in summer you won’t need a jacket, but here are the things I brought that came in handy!

packing list

Do you make a packing list before any vacation?

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