Virtual Coffee Date

Happy Wednesday. I’m on my second cup of coffee of the day and thought it’d be a fun to have a virtual coffee date. It’ll be everything I would share with you if we were sitting at a cute little coffee shop, enjoying our cups o’ joe and gabbing away.

So, let’s hop to it. For this scenario, let’s just say we are meeting at Colectivo on the Lake in Milwauke. Seriously, one of my favorite coffee shops in the entire world!

virtual coffee date

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell how much I am loving planning for my upcoming trips. We are heading to Munich this weekend and have trips to Venice, London and Amsterdam on the horizon. It has seriously been so fun. I love planning vacations and think I could have been a travel agent in another life.

I’d share that I really want a new coffee machine. Right now, we’re slow-dripping each cup of coffee. While it does taste good, I really want a quicker option. Keurig doesn’t exist in Germany, but Nespresso does. I’ve been eyeing the options and am thinking of getting this one because it comes with a milk frother. I’d love to make some cappuccinos and lattes at home, too. And this one you can do with the touch of a button!

I’d ask how you are doing and if anything new is happening in your life.

And then, we’d switch the conversation to shopping, per usual. I went down the online shopping hole yesterday but was just looking. I’m trying not to spend money on clothes, especially because I have plenty. But, all the new fall clothes look so darn cute. Thank Goodness Nordstrom doesn’t do free shipping to Germany!

I’d pull up The College Prepster’s YouTube page to show you how darn cute she is. Carly at The College Prepster (a blog I read on the daily) recently started vlogging and she is so darn cute. I really like her style, her apartment decor and admire her work ethic. I’d convince you to start watching.

We talk about the housewives, of course. I’d share how much I I’m looking forward to the NYC reunion part 2. LuAnn is absolutely crazy and I can’t believe she’s blaming Bethenny for her fiance making out with another woman. It does make for some great tv.

I’d ask you what books you’ve currently reading. I’m reading Amy Schumer’s book and am loving it. I’m only halfway done and need to use my time reading and less time watching the housewives….well, maybe not. Maybe I should just read for bed.

We’d wrap up our chat and I’d wish you a great rest of the week! Thanks, girlfriend.

Your turn: what would you talk about on our virtual coffee date?  Any upcoming vacations? What shows are your currently watching?


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