Visiting the States…What I’m Looking Forward To

We are going back to the States tomorrow and it’s weird to think that we are “visiting” the States and not “visiting” Germany. I thought I’d share what I’m looking forward to for the next week and then report back once in Europe again.



First and foremost, I am intrigued to find out how I will feel coming back to Germany. Will it feel like coming home? Or will I be sad to the the US? We aren’t bringing Copley this time, so that will certainly make it feel like coming home.

I’m looking forward to so much about our visit. Obviously, I am looking forward to seeing my parents and my friends. We are going to celebrate a friend’s wedding who has been my friend since kindergarten and I’m so honored to witness his special day.

Outside of that, I’m looking forward to:

Target. I admittedly had an obsession with Target. I couldn’t go in there without spending $100. I can’t possibly be the only one, right? There aren’t any stores like Target here in Germany and I CAN NOT wait to browse the aisles. My fear is that I will want to buy a bunch of home decor and it won’t fit in my luggage on the way back. I will definitely be stocking up on contact solution, granola bars, peanut butter, Oreos and toothpaste.

Mexican Food. There aren’t any good Mexican restaurants in Germany. We’ve been to a few and they are decent, they just aren’t Mexican. I would kill for some guacamole and a margarita.

Understanding Everyone. Our German is getting better, but there are still situations where I don’t understand a single word. And that’s to be expected. I am so looking forward to understanding waitstaff, the person behind the counter, everyone!

Service. Waiters and waitresses here don’t work on tips. So, they don’t really “wait” on you. They take your order and bring your food. And then they are gone. They don’t ask you how your meal is or if you need anything else. You even have to flag them down to get the check. Sometimes we’re ready to go and then 15 or 20 minutes later we finally get the bill. It’s so annoying. I think it will really surprise me to have a waitress asking me all kinds of questions while I eat. Who knows, maybe this will annoy me now.

Water. Yes, free water. At restaurants here you have to buy a bottle of water. And it’s expensive. Like more expensive than wine or prosecco. So, I always order those. Never water. I’m looking forward to having water at a restaurant.

Eavesdropping. Ok, so, confession: I love eavesdropping. Vinn has even had to yell at me at restaurants because I’m more interested in the couple having a lover’s quarrel next to us and not him. Oops. There will be some silent dinners in our future.

Wow, that’s a long list. Random and long. I am so looking forward to spending a week celebrating love, being on the water, eating lobster rolls and drinking champagne. I can’t wait!! I wonder if there will be things I notice that I miss about America that I haven’t thought of yet. I bet there will be.

Hey, America! We’re coming for ya!


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