Weekend Adventures & Bathroom Update

I had quite the weekend, let me tell you. It was fabulous.

Hubby and I went to see Trainwreck and it was awesome! It was a cross between Knocked Up and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Amy Schumer was hilarious, Bill Hader was great and LeBron James was surprisingly witty. The movie is a great romantic comedy because there’s lots of sports talk and dirty jokes, yet has enough love to still be a romantic comedy.


Yesterday I organized my butt off!! I spent an hour cleaning and organizing our bathroom. An hour?! Insane.

Here’s the before:


I hated this shower curtain…and our bath mats were fraying. For the record, the bath mats are about 5 years old and from Target and the shower curtain is from Kohl’s.

IMG_3882 IMG_3884

Why the orange candles? No clue. I just had them. And all the products on the counter, gross.

And now, drum roll, the after:


An updated counter! I got rid of a bunch of products and put them in bins underneath. I moved my vase of nail polishes to the other side and got grey candles to anchor the few products I left. These products are every day products, like mouthwash, Moroccan Oil and Bed Head After Party.


And a new shower curtain and white bath rugs. Both are from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I love it!! The bathroom feels much more zen and upscale. Even Hubby said he liked the feeling much better. It now “goes” with the rest of our apartment, too. The original shower curtain was one I bought out of necessity and was the cheapest one I could find. And now I’m loving our bathroom and enjoy getting ready!

Do you make updates to your home often? What’d you do this weekend?

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