Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday, All! What a crazy, whirlwind of a day. I’m wrapping up things at my current job before I start my new job, and it is quite exhausting.

And, it doesn’t help that this weekend was a little exhausting. It was really, really fun, but also exhausting.

Here’s what I did this weekend in some snapshots:


A visit to the pool is always in order when it’s 80 degrees. I love reading magazines while sun bathing. But, I will tell you that this Cosmo article with SJP was not my favorite. The questions were silly and her answers were pretty vague.


Copley snuggles are the best! No matter what time of day. I love this little pooch.

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 7.54.16 PM

A great Orange Theory work out! I am loving this class more and more. And I’ve found that I am in better shape then I started.


A much-needed date night on the town with my hubby. We walked to the downtown in our suburb, ate dinner on the patio and drank one too many glasses of wine. No regrets! It was a fabulous night.

How was your weekend?

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