Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Wednesday. Apologies for not writing earlier in the week, but I’ve still been recovering from my fabulous weekend. I haven’t done a Weekend Wrap-Up in a while and this weekend is definitely one for the books.

My BFF arrived late on Thursday night. Like into Friday morning late. I was exhausted going into work on Friday, but it was well worth it.

When I came home, we went for a walk with the puppers and decided to make us some cocktails.


Into a blender we put strawberries, lime juice, water, ice and mint. We blended it up and then mixed with prosecco. So delicious. I would have added another bottle of prosecco to it because it felt a little too much like a smoothie and not enough like a cocktail, but still really refreshing for a hot summer night.

We spent Friday grilling on our balcony, catching up and then moved inside to play Heads Up. I just love this game! We laugh hysterically when the clues we come up with don’t make any sense. Writing the jokes wouldn’t be funny for anyone, but, trust me, we laughed!!

Saturday, Megan and I went to the gym and I busted out a pretty great work out. I only went to the gym twice last week, including Saturday, and I’m still feeling sore. It was really nice to get back in the gym! Then we lounged at the pool, which was lovely.

Saturday night we went to a local Mexican restaurant and devoured sangria and ate too many chips and guac. And then we made our way to a piano bar/club where we again, laughed (and danced) our butts off. We went upstairs to the club part of the bar and got the party started. Thanks to a special request for Shake It Off and then Bad Blood. My throat hurt the next day from singing way too loudly.


Silly dark light.


Bathroom selfie to send to my mom so I could show her I was using my purse she gave me for Christmas. Thanks, Mom! Also, that’s Megan at the sink. Isn’t her curly hair fabulous?!

Sadly, Megan had to leave on Sunday. It was a great weekend with the best friend anyone could hope to have. It’s so nice to know that only distance separates us.

I leave you with this cute picture of Copley laying on laundry I wanted to put away yesterday.


Someone’s getting a haircut on Saturday!!

What’d you do this weekend? Do you have those friends that no matter how much time passes, you always pick up right where you left?

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