Weekend Wrap-Up

Holy geeze, it’s Monday! Can you believe it?! How was your weekend?

My weekend was crazy good. It was a girls only weekend because Hubby was out having a boys weekend in Green Bay.  Copley and I did lots of fun things together and I hit the ground running on my quest to be my healthier and skinnier by Christmas. Here’s what our weekend wrap-up!

Orangetheory Workout


I was a super sweaty mess after my workout at Orangetheory. I swear the more I go to these classes, the more I love them. I love that every class is different, I push myself and feel like an overall healthier person. I feel stronger now and that I definitely need to push myself harder than when I originally started.

Target Shopping


Like any other #basic girl, I absolutely love Target. I can’t go in there and spend less than $100. I mean, can anyone? On Saturday, I went perusing through their sweaters and found these 3. I’ve been in the market for some new sweaters for a while and these are both cute, functional and will be great for work and weekends! The best part: these were all under $20!!

Magazine Reading


With Hubby out with his friends, I decided to stay in, snuggle with Copley, read all my favorite magazines and finish the first season of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce! Look at Lea Michele’s body. She is just gorgeous.

A gorgeous fall day = time at the park


Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! It was 61 degrees, so Copley and I decided to go to the park. Of course, she supported her favorite NFL team!! We had a great time running around, practicing stay and showing off for all the spectators. It was a great way to spend our final few moments of the weekend.

This week is going to be pretty busy with work, but I’m happy to have Hubby home today.

What’d you do this weekend? Anything exciting on the horizon?

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