Weekend Wrap-Up

Wow, we’re already into week 5 of 2016. How is that possible? This weekend was jam-packed with all things to prepare for the big move! Check out my weekend in this week’s weekend wrap-up!

My last trip to Target



Ok, so I might go to Target again before we leave, but this was a huge overhaul! Target is one of my all-time favorite stores and this is the first time that I went and didn’t look at any of the candles, mugs, picture frames or clothes! Insane! I shopped with a purpose. I wanted needed to stock up on “American” products that I’m not sure we’ll be able to get in Germany. For example, hydrocortisone OTC in Germany is only 0.5% and our’s is 1%. I have really dry skin, so this is necessary. I got tampons, obvi, Neutrogena stuff, mascara, shaving cream, all the makeup. It was an expensive trip, but I think we’re pretty set for this kind of stuff for the next few months. Things I still need to buy: peanut butter, my powder and foundation and more peanut butter.

Attempted to run a treadmill 5


When I canceled my gym membership, the last day I could go was on January 17th. So, I’ve been using our apartment gym for the past week. It’s not ideal…it’s small, sometimes crowded and only 2 machines and free weights. This past week, I only used the elliptical, but Saturday I headed out to run a 5k on the treadmill to follow the Tone It Up plan. Well…I found out the treadmill has a 20 minute limit and then it automatically turns to cool down mode. I took this picture so I could keep time…I was pushing it at a 10 minute mile pace. And then when I was at 2.45 miles, I hit the emergency stop. It was awful. I didn’t want to keep tracking and then adding my time, so I just hopped off. And it was getting crowded, so I just decided that 2.5ish miles was close enough!

Sold my car

corolla car


I sold Carlos, my first adult purchase. It was really sad. Some tears were shed. Carlos was with my when I was living in downtown Chicago, went to IKEA to furnish my first apartments, served as a concert venue for Celine Deon sing-a-longs and the radio game, ventured to Michigan for Hubby’s job and survived a few snow storms. He was a good little soldier. I wish him the best.

More organizing, more shopping, more purging. 

{Insert photo here}.

Hubby and I went to the mall to pick up some clothes because we know they’ll be more expensive over there. I got a pair of black Kut courderary’s from Nordstrom for $30 and Hubby got a few pairs of jeans and some new shoes. Then we got another piece of big luggage and some socks. It was a successful and expensive trip.

Orange theory. 

high intensity intervals


Enough said. I am really going to miss these classes. They are so effective and I love the atmosphere.

All the Copley snuggles.

cockapoo puppy


This poor baby. We noticed that she threw up on her blanket, actually peed on our bed and threw up again. I really think she’s stressed. She sees us working around, packing and bringing a bunch of stuff to the car and getting out our luggage. She still has an appetite, so I don’t think she’s sick. The one positive is that she is extra snuggly. Poor thing. I hope this move isn’t too stressful for her. I know there’s going to be a lot of changes for her in the near future and I want her to be as comfortable as possible. I love this little girl.

How was your weekend? 


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    Such a busy weekend, and oh your pup is just so adorable. Have a great week! Hope she feels better!

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