Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday. Sometimes I can definitely have a case of the Monday’s but today I am choosing happiness. I had a great relaxing weekend and today is my last day in my current position.

I’m a little sad but a little excited about the future. This week I hope to join a gym, practice German, read, take Copley for lots of walks, pick up our car (!) and, fine, probably watch some Bravo.

But onto this past weekend. Hubby and I had the perfect combination of fun, exploration and relaxation.

(Binge) Watching Fuller House



I admit it, I watched Full House growing up and I already watched Season 1 of Fuller House. I was pretty obsessed with watching the reruns of Full House on Nick at Nite in middle school and once I realized Mary-Kate and Ashley share my birthday, I became addicted. FYI: MK and Ashley are 2 years older. Also, fun sidebar comment: Jodie Sweetin gave a speech at my university about overcoming drug addiction…even though she was coming off a 2 day drug bender. Oops. Oh, and we are technically sorority sisters!

Fuller House shares a lot of qualities that made Full House such an iconic show: attractive people, funny one-liners and just enough cheesiness that you think about turning it off but can’t! I am also very impressed with how everyone looks. I mean, Candace Cameron Bure gives me hope because she was also a slightly chubby kid and now she is hot! The storyline is more about the women then the kids, which is nice, and they definitely pay homage to the original series. My favorite character is Max, the middle boy. He is so darn cute and funny.

And, I know there’s been drama surrounding MK&A not showing up and the cast definitely throws them some Bravo-worthy shade. I enjoyed it.

If you haven’t watched this show, but enjoyed watching Full House as a child, give it a whirl. And, you will only lose about 3 hours of your life.

The most delicious caprese salad

italian food


I guess one benefit of not having a kitchen is that every night is date night. On Friday, Hubby and I went to a local Italian restaurant and this caprese salad was amazing. I love simple food and this is the epitome of simple, delicious, fresh food. I could have used some more basil, but it was seasoned to perfection and the buffalo mozzarella…bellissima!

Taking some naps


On Saturday we ventured to downtown Stuttgart via the train. It was a ton of fun and we were gone for about 6 hours. Since Germany is so dog-friendly, Copley Bean came with us. And promptly took a lot of naps for the rest of the weekend. I mean, how cute are these two?

Finding gelato



As you can probably guess from my blog title, I am obsessed with gelato. And, this local gelatoria did not disappoint. If anyone ever visits the Stuttgart area, visit Asperg and come to Cafe Lorenzo, it is amazing. And, always, always, always get with whipped cream or sahne.

My first German run

cold weather running


Since all I did was eat and watch tv this weekend, I figured it was time to get out on the open road and go for a run. And, mental note, I should probably do something about my eyebrows. I’m thinking about growing them out slightly…tbd. Anywayz, I went for a 30 minute run and it felt amazing! I didn’t track my speed or anything, but it just felt great to be moving. It was a little chilly, but worth it. I came back to the room and busted out 100 squats and some planks. A small workout, but a huge victory!

Other notables: we watched Inside Out, which was an extremely cute movie and I’m so glad it won Best Animated Movie at the Oscars. Speaking of the Oscars, so happy for Leo for his big win! I supposed I have to see that movie now. We also did some research on getting German phones and can finally access our online banking. Woohoo!

Wow, so we are currently at 685 words. Dang. I guess it was a nice weekend. Thanks for reading!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Lucy | 7th Mar 16

    Glad you had such a lovely weekend! Have just caught up on all your adventures moving to Germany – how ruddy exciting and lovely that Copley can enjoy it as much as you two x

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