Weekend Wrap-Up {February 15}

What a weekend! We had great times with friends, a wonderful Valentine’s Day date and some relaxing time at home.


Just another work day, but a great night. We had a spontaneous double date with our friends Katie and Curtis. Katie came over to borrow a pashmina for her Valentine’s Day date and that spurred into opening a bottle of wine, her husband coming over, chips and salsa and some R. Kelly!

Katie had never seen Trapped in the Closet! Naturally, we had to watch it and transport all of us back to high school.

Did you know there are 22 episodes?! And they are really bad…like really bad. Rufus? Sylvester? Midgets? You have to watch!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

We spent the day lounging around the house then going to the gym for our training run.

We came home, got pretty and kept lounging. We watched the latest Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and some Jimmy Fallon episodes. It was glorious. We decided not to do gifts this year because we’re planning a European vacation next year and want to save for it and go hog wild while we’re there!!

We had dinner reservations at Roma Cafe, the oldest restaurant in Detroit.


The inside hasn’t changed since pretty much the opening of the Italian restaurant in 1890. The tables are really close together and you feel like this is where mobsters came to make decisions on their next “business” venture.


The music was straight out of The Godfather soundtrack and the food was….just okay.

I ordered a salad to start – it was very standard and not worth photographing.

For my entree, I ordered veal with proscuitto, which was relatively good. I guess, okay is the best way to describe it. It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had.


Each entree came with spaghetti on the side. I had mine with meat sauce…and it was boxed pasta and jarred sauce. Not good. There was no seasoning. I will note that the wine we ordered was fantastic. Although, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Chianti Classico.


For dessert, we split the tiramisu. I will say, this was good! It was more like a tiramisu cheesecake, but it was the highlight of the meal.


All in all, as someone who has visited Italy twice and eaten homemade pasta, sauce and meatballs my entire life, this meal was a disappointment. I’m glad we went to the oldest restaurant in Detroit, but the meal was lacking.

Copley loved Valentine’s Day, though!


Her giraffe toy says, “You’re Tops”! Love it!


Well, it was -9 when we woke up. We spent the day in pajamas doing laundry, cleaning and trying to stay warm. Our hot water didn’t work for an hour, so that sucked.

We did venture out to get Panera breakfast and to a friend’s to watch SNL 40.

We filled our bellies with some delicious so we’d have a full belly ready for some belly laughs!


We had some really good food!! Katie made some hummus, hummus dip, spinach pies and stuffed peppers. I brought buffalo chicken wraps.

It was really fun to get together with friends and watch #SNL40. I thought it was pretty funny, but way too long.

What’d you think of #SNL40? How was your weekend?


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