Weekend Wrap-Up {January 25}

How can it be Sunday night already?! Why is it that the weekdays move at glacier pace and weekends just fly? #notfair

But, regardless, here we are with the Weekend Wrap-Up.


(I intentionally skipped Friday. You can see what I did in this post).

Saturday was a pretty low-key day. It started early in the morning letting the Copley bean outside at 6 AM. Poor thing wakes up with us at 5 AM during the week and her internal clock doesn’t let her sleep. Very unfortunate.

I dropped Copley off to get a haircut then Hubby and I went for a 8 mile run. I’m going to do a complete post on this run because I learned A LOT about my running habits – mentally and physically – on this run.


It was quite cold and I forgot a headband, so my poor little ears were freezing. Hey, we finished.

We came home, showered and picked up the puppy!!


Our baby had to get quite the haircut. Her hair is pretty fine and she gets knots just by rolling on the carpet. The groomer suggested we basically shave her to spare her from getting detangled. She doesn’t love it and this way it’s her adult hair and we can start over. She’s still cute, though! 🙂

Saturday night took Hubby and me on a nice little date night. We went to a local wine store and bar, Simply Wine, for a build-your-own wine tasting.

Here’s out the tasting works: You get a pre-filled card with $20 on it. You put the card in the dispenser case and pick your wine. You can pick a taste, 1/2 glass or a full glass. It is super easy to use and it’s a great way to taste a bunch of different wines for a very inexpensive price tag. Most of the tastings are under $3.



None of the wine was absolutely amazing, but it was nice to hang out with Hubby. We are members of the store’s monthly wine club, so we picked up our January wine, too. For you Detroit-area locals, the club is $25/month and you get 2 bottles of wine. It’s a great deal and your wine bar will always be stocked.


Today was another lazy day. Hubby and I ran some errands to Dick’s, TJ Maxx and the grocery store. We’ve been napping on the couch for the remainder of the day and now I’m trying to force myself to get up and make dinner. I’m thinking this cheeseburger casserole from Skinnytaste!

I will leave you with this cute, cute pic of Copley on her new dog bed.


How was your weekend?


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