Weekend Wrap-Up {March 21}

What a weekend! We had a great weekend here in Germany and I feel rejuvenated, ready to move into our apartment and excited for the future!

Let’s break up this Weekend Wrap-Up by the days this time, shall we?




I spent Friday afternoon drinking rose in the warm sun. And Copley was a great European dog and sunbathed…and barked at children.

When Hubby got home from work, we went to a furniture store to look at couches. We were browsing around and started talking to a salesman (in English) only to find out that delivery takes 12 weeks! I’m sorry what? 12 weeks! That’s insane. Oh, and the couches were like 4,000 euro. No thank you.

So, off to IKEA we went on a Friday night. Let me tell you, this is the time to go. There was no one there and we could really look at things, sit and try and talk to each other. It was great. We walked away with only a bedside table but with a better idea for what we want.




We went on a fabulous family walk. And a huge German plus: open container. Hubby enjoyed a German beer while we walked. Hi blue sky!

Then we went to our apartment to layout where we’re thinking the furniture would go. The main purpose was to figure out which side we want the chaise to be, either right or left. We bought painter’s tape, measured the furniture and taped down how everything would look. It was amazing! I can picture things like that anyway, but it was really great for Hubby. He could really visualize sitting on the chaise and watching some House of Cards. 

After deciding we want the chaise on the left, we ordered the couch, a chair and a dining room table and chairs on IKEA’s web site. And scheduled our delivery for March 31st! Woohoo!!

Saturday night after a yummy dinner date, we watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The plot of the movie is that a Nazi officer and his family move for his promotion. The son is not happy about moving and goes exploring our the property. He finds another young boy but he is on the other side of a fence and wearing “pajamas,” which are concentration camp uniforms for Jewish prisoners. The two boys form a friendship and the story is beautifully told. It is such a great idea to tell the story from the child’s perspective. The innocence of a child and the juxtaposition of this horrible historical event was amazing. The ending is probably one of the saddest EVER and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who will watch it, but, get your tissues!


On the final weekend day, we went to a gym and actually JOINED! I am so excited to start working out again, I can’t even tell you. And I asked to join in German…and then spoke in English the rest of the time!

The majority of Sunday was spent giving Copley a haircut. Yes, I gave her a haircut. And…she looks like it. I made her face way too short. My poor baby. I don’t even want to share a picture of it. She was so shaggy and I was hoping to get rid of all her matts, but I just couldn’t. She’s going to have to go to get shaved soon. Poor bean! She’s still the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen, though. #biased

I would consider this quite a successful weekend. We’re getting things done and crossing things off our list!! We’re actually making Germany our home now.

What’d you do this weekend?


  1. Kim Reynolds | 21st Mar 16

    We were brought Chinese food for the family to share from Son Ben and his wife Christine. It was a nice break from studying for Abe who is living at home to catch up on his senior thesis before graduation in May. It was nice to see our family together for a Sunday dinner, especially since I didn’t have to cook!

    Glad to hear things are coming together for both of you in Germany!

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