Weekend Wrap-Up {May 16}

Hey yo. It’s Monday, the beginning of the week and a holiday. It’s been fabulous having Vinn here today and we’ve been lounging on the couch, getting some things done around the house, eating nachos and watching House. 

It’s the perfect end to a great, relaxing weekend. Here are some highlights!

Dinner with Friends


We used our fancy napkins, I bought roses and we had several courses. It was fantastic to have our friends over for great conversations, yummy Prosecco and delicious food. I made red pepper and mozzarella crostini from Giada, an Italian salad with red onion, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, green beans, pasta carbonara and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Everything was delicious and the company, even better.

Hanging our Gallery Wall


The wall next to our couch has been empty since we moved. I love each of these pictures individually and together they are just okay. This isn’t my favorite gallery wall in the world and it certainly won’t be making it on Pinterest anytime soon, but I do really like it. We are going to continue to build on it with pictures from our travels! Some day, I want to create gallery wrap photos for a “real” gallery wall.

The Big Short 



Sunday night, we watched The Big Short. We rented it on iTunes and it was the second time I’ve seen it. The movie is just as entertaining the second time as the first and watching it with my finance degree husband was a treat. To get his perspective on the crisis, which we’ve talked about in the past, is always insightful. I walked away, again, feeling scared about the economy and how you can’t trust anyone. The most interesting thing is at the end when they reveal what the “real” Dr. Michael Burry is focusing on now: water. Dr. Burry discovered the housing bubble in the early 2000’s, before anyone else. What does he know about water that we don’t?! Scary stuff.

All in all, it was a great, relaxing weekend. I don’t want it to end!!

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