What I Packed for a Business Trip

I’ve always been interested in fashion. I love following fashion blogs and my Instagram feed is full of retail stores and celebrities whose fashion sense I love.

I also love to see how people pack for a long vacation or a work trip. Since it interests me, I figured I’d share how I packed for an 11 day business trip and the outfits I wore while in Germany.

My “process” starts by compiling all my clothes on my bed and organize by outfits. I am so that person that plans outfits down to the shoes and jewelry.


As you can see, I packed a lot! I definitely overpacked. But, I don’t want to not have something that I want to wear. I was packing for business meetings, a weekend of fun and some work out gear!

I roll everything because I swear it makes things fit much better.


A cute packing buddy. Copley always jumps into my suitcase to find socks to steal…no matter what!

So, here are my outfits!!


Curly hair, don’t care.


Weekend attire:

IMG_4309   IMG_4355

I totally bought this cape/shawl. Sorry these pictures are so dark…

A week of business meetings looks:





You’ll notice I packed all black strategically. I only had to bring one purse and mostly flat shoes. I wore heels once. And I wouldn’t do it again. The grounds were quite large and I did a lot of walking from meeting to meeting and I was glad that I had all the flats!! I wanted to pack clothes that represent who I am so my German teammates would have a true sense of me!

I did work out 4 times on the trip and wore my standard leggings and top. No need for photos.

I think I need to be better about my natural hair. It was a little out of control during the trip. Oops.

If you want to know where I purchased any of the above, leave me a comment!

How do you pack? Do you have a plan? How would you describe your style? Any tips for unruly curly hair?!


  1. Lisa Villaume | 13th Oct 15

    There’s a Tone It Up book in one of the photos! Go girl! Are you doing the Fit For Fall Challenge? I’m a strategic packer as well, I plan every outfit including underwear and accessories too. When I’m busy and have zero downtime it makes getting out the door in the morning much easier, there’s no stress as I know what I’m wearing.

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