What I Want to be When I Grow Up

I am really excited to say that I am officially no longer a stay at home wife! I recently started teaching English online and yesterday I taught 4 classes. The positive thing about this job is that I can be at home and I can help business people who want to better their English skills. The other big positive is that the money that I earn is simply spending/travel money!

I had a blast teaching all these classes and it got me thinking about how I really wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid. I actually wanted to be an English teacher from about 3rd grade to 8th grade. English was my favorite subject in school and I was the editor of my newspaper. I love grammar….and Vinn will tell you that I probably correct his grammar a little too much. Oops.



This also got me thinking to the other jobs I wanted when I was a kid. And some of them are certifiably insane.

A Rheumatologist. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis. She’s had it since I was born. Growing up I felt like it was my fault she had this incurable autoimmune disease and I wanted to cure it. Well, then I took Honors Biology in 9th grade and decided a career in medicine/science was not for me. Or for anyone who wants to continue living.

A Journalist. My major when I went into college was journalism. I wanted to build my own magazine, which I guess I sorta did through this blog. I decided I didn’t want to be a journalist after my first journalism class. My professor was talking about how journalist are all about finding the truth, getting the truth and finding the story. He gave an example of walking up to a door of a woman who just lost her son in a fire and asking her how she feels about the whole thing. Well, I knew right then and there that I am not cut out for that. I couldn’t do that to someone.

A Forensic Psychiatrist. A la George Wang from Law & Order: SVU. I love the brain and finding out why people do the things they do. It is fascinating to me. I wanted to analyze criminals. I did not want to be a therapist and listen to people complain about their problems. That is of zero interest to me. I wanted to profile serial killers. Such a strange thing to want to be in high school.

I believe I made the correct career choice. I love marketing and writing. I love the psychology behind marketing and consumer behavior. And I am really lucky that I get to pursue my other dream career as a teacher. I want to take this time in Germany to expand my horizons with travel, career challenges and growing my relationship with my husband. We will look back on these years as the best of our lives!

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