What I’ll Miss About America

This week is the final week in the United States of America…for 3 years. Wow, that is a weird sentence. It really is hard to believe that this is all happening. I feel like that’s the way it always is: when a life event has so much hype/you’re looking forward to it so much and then it actually happens, you don’t even realize it!

I have no idea about how I will feel when I actually land and start to put together a routine. It’s a daunting, exciting experience that will be life-changing.

There are a lot of things I’m looking forward to, but with all the newness, I’m also reflecting on what I’m going to miss about the states/life in general. Outside of the obvious friends and family, here’s a list of things that I’m going to miss about America:




Seriously, I love Target. I love that I can pick up makeup, contact solution, tank tops, wine, decorative boxes, candles, sweaters, KCups, groceries and bathing suits all in one place. I literally cannot walk out of there without spending $100, just like every other female/sorority girl in the country. There aren’t Targets in Germany, as I understand, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m sure there’s a Target equivalent, but something about that little bullseye store that pulls me in and takes all my money.

Drive-Thru Starbucks



I won’t miss Starbucks because there are Starbucks in Germany and Europe in general. But, I will miss the drive thru and drive thrus in general. There is a convenience there/laziness involved that is utterly American and fabulous. I love that I don’t have to get out of the car to order my skinny vanilla latte. I need to learn how to say vanilla in German…

People Saying Excuse Me


I noticed during our last German trip that no one says excuse me. During our culture training I asked why that is. And it is because German people/culture only apologies for really bumping into you, not for “living.” In America, if you’re walking down the street or in a store and you walk in front of someone in an aisle, you say excuse me. That is not the case in Germany. There are a lot of people there, so why would you apologize for being alive. It’s definitely something that I didn’t realize that I say excuse me as often as I do, and it will definitely be an adjustment.


No photo needed. I am very sarcastic by nature and German people don’t understand it at all. Here’s an example, we were at a restaurant and the food was delicious. I licked my plate clean. The waiter came over and asked if he could take my plate and how the food was and my response, “I hated it.” He looked at me dumbfounded and looked confused and hurt. Oops. I’m sure there will be more instances like this in the future and I hope to focus on the humor of the situation and not the negative.

Understanding Waiters


The good thing is that the majority of people understand English, but I know there will be moments when that won’t be the case. A lot of bakery workers in small towns, I’m sure won’t speak English. Of course, the pointing method will come in handy and I still hope to learn German….I’ll miss knowing that 100% of the time, I will be able to communicate with waiters.

Knowing All the Doctors

When Copley got sick, I found comfort in knowing exactly where to go. I knew to call the emergency vet and that they knew exactly what to do. When I’m sick, I know the right doctor to go to and can look it up even if I don’t have that specific doctor. And now, I have to start all over. And trying to find a doctor that speaks English….whoa.


I posted my love affair with Orange Theory 7 months ago! And that is crazy. I am really going to miss the work out and the group fitness setting. I hope to find a gym in Germany and take some classes once I feel comfortable with my German. But Orange theory will always have my heart.


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