What I’m Binge Watching

Oh, binge watching. You are such a blessing and a curse. This cold weather is definitely making me want to snuggle on the couch and just watch hours and hours of shows. Am I alone? Don’t you just want to watch tv, drink hot chocolate and do nothing else?

Lately, I’ve been binge watching shows old and new. I like to have noise on in the background while I clean, blog, cook, anything. I just like having something on that I don’t necessarily have to pay attention to but can listen when I need to take a break. Here are the shows I’ve been binge watching lately!



An obvious choice. I love to watch 3 or 4 episodes at once and it does not get old. I have seen every episode no less than nine times and I still laugh out loud. Every year, I love to watch the entire series and think you can make any life situation into a Friends quote!

Old Housewives episodes


Just like Friends, I can’t get enough of the Housewives. I love the drama and basically can’t stop. These episodes are probably my favorite thing to binge watch. I recently watched Season 2 of Beverly Hills and it’s hilarious to watch the earlier seasons knowing how things will turn out down the line. I could also watch Scary Island from New York on repeat. If you are a Housewives fan, you know that each time you watch an episode, you pick up on new things each time. I love it.

Big Bang Theory


Vinn and I would watch this show on and off in Michigan but never got super into it. But when we moved to Germany, this was one of the shows that we binge watched first. And the last season just came out on German Netflix and we’ve been watching the latest season every night. So, yes, I’m behind a season, but still love this show! I also like that the episodes are only 24 minutes long, so you can watch a lot without realizing. And, Sheldon is my favorite.

I think three or four shows to binge watch at once is actually quite a lot and none of these are “new” shows, but they are classics and a classic never dies. What tv shows are you watching now? Are you a binge watcher?

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