What I'm Wearing for the Marathon


Forecast still says rain, but we’re moving past it and going to do the best run we can! I already packed trash bags and extra socks to try to stay as dry as possible.

Here’s what I plan on wearing on race day:


Under Armour V-Neck T-Shirt

Under Armour Pull Over Jacket <— old

Lululemon Crop Running Pants 

I’m hopeful that this will keep me somewhat dry and warm. The temperature is going to be quite hot, so I’m not too worried about staying warm. The rain may actually be a welcome surprise.

Still have one more day of work. I probably won’t get anything done…

I’ll probably write something tomorrow after the EXPO, but no promises. The butterflies are starting to get the best of me. And weather.com is getting some major site visits from me.

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