What the Apartment Looks Like Now

Thank you for all your nice comments and texts regarding our apartment tour that I posted yesterday. I’m so excited to decorate and this weekend is going to bring on some great projects.

Today I want to post some pictures of what the apartment looks like now…full of boxes and painter’s tape on the floor. It’s definitely looks different!!



This is the dining room/office/closet space. I’m standing in the corner of the room and you can’t see the pile of shoe boxes that are next to me! I guess it’s not that bad, but the amount of boxes is anxiety producing for me.



Using our furniture to layout where the future couch will go. Notice the blue painter’s tape in the wall. We were trying to figure out where the TV will go. Side note: I took this picture with my iPhone and the first picture with my camera. You can really see the quality difference. Loving my camera! But I didn’t bring it when we were taping/organizing.



And here’s our bedroom now. There are 5 or 6 big wardrobe boxes! Where all those clothes are going, I have no idea!!



Even Copley is excited about sleeping in our bed! I knew our bed was nice but after sleeping on European hotel beds for almost 2 months, this is THE NICEST bed I’ve ever had. The first thing I am going to do is wash the sheets so we can sleep in it! Oh the gloriousness.



Kitchen boxes. I’m so glad we have a large kitchen that can store our plates and all of our glasses! I’m really excited to decorate this kitchen. I love it! Also, look at those floors. Love them.

So, this is how the apartment looks now. Tomorrow is the to-do list post. Be sure to check back.


  1. Lucy | 24th Mar 16

    So exciting! (Ok maybe slightly overwhelming as well), one box at a time and you’ll get there! It’s going to look great 🙂

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