While Hubby's Away, the Girls will Play

The past 5 days, Hubby has been out of town. It sucks for me because I hate to be alone at night. Copley definitely kept me company, but she can’t talk back to me.

Copley and I did some fun things together, mostly things that Hubby wouldn’t necessarily want to do.

So, while Hubby’s away, the girls will play!

Eating s’mores at my parent’s house. Holy yum.


S’mores are seriously the best thing in the entire world. And we don’t have a gas stove, so when I found all the fixin’s, I had to jump at the chance!!

Sending funny pics of Copley to Hubby.


Seriously, she’s half under the bed. What’s wrong with her? She’s so funny!

Watching Bravo

New York and OC had new episodes this past week and boy were they good! I cried my eyes out when Carole went to pick up her husband’s ashes. I can’t imagine what that would like. It has to be devastating to relive the worst part of her life. The OC also brought sad news with Jim Edmond’s first wife passing. This happened recently and wasn’t shown on the show, but it was still really sad.

Eating “girl” food

As Hubby would call it. I took my opportunity to eat food Hubby won’t eat, like sushi. I’m looking at you, caterpillar roll, why are you delicious?

What do you do when your significant other is out of town?

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