Why Belle is the Best Princess

Over the weekend we finally saw Beauty and the Beast. To say that I was excited is the biggest understatement of the year! I remember when the trailer hit YouTube and I pretty much started crying. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie growing up. So much so that I was Belle three times for Halloween. And I even wanted to find an adult Belle costume to wear this weekend. It was quickly squashed by Vinn, unfortunately.


The verdict for the 2017 live version? Fantastic! It is certainly different from the cartoon, 1991 original, but it does an excellent job of finding its own way, while keeping the classic moments. I was quite surprised to have liked it so much! I really appreciated the fact that the new version answered some questions that you have after watching the cartoon. Like, how did Belle get the Beast on her horse after he saved her life from the wolves? What happened to Belle’s mother? All are answered in the new film.

As far as singing goes, Emma Watson is fantastic. Josh Gad, who plays La Fou, is top notch. And Luke Evans, Gaston, and Dan Stevens, the Beast, sing so well that there were times I was in tears.

One of the reasons I love Beauty and the Beast is because Belle is such a fantastic character. Emma Watson captures her spirit and brings a modern play to the character. It got me thinking about all the reasons why Belle is my favorite and reasons why Belle is the best Disney princess. Here are my reasons. I’d love to hear in the comments who your favorite Disney princess is!

She doesn’t settle for just any man. 


Even though the most attractive man in the village only has eyes for her, she knows he’s not right for her. She doesn’t settle for a man who isn’t right for her. Top notch. She’s one of the few princesses who clearly doesn’t need a man to make her happy.

She knows what she wants from life. 


And like above, she believes that her life is more than just a small town “funny” girl. She wants to travel, see the world and experience everything life has to offer. She doesn’t let other people plan her life and doesn’t let anything diminish her dreams.

She reads. 


Belle loves reading and visits the book shop several times a week. She loses herself in books and builds her dreams around characters she reads in books. I love reading books and Belle is one of the few princesses who is proud of the fact that the books she reads don’t have any pictures!

She can see anyone’s inner beauty.


If a girl can fall in love with big Beast, she can definitely see beyond personal appearance. Belle falls in love with the Beast because of who he is on the inside and not his money or what he looks like. I wish society would be more like Belle.

She is selfless. 


Belle trades spots with her father while he is held captive in the Beast’s castle. What is more selfless than that? Belle proves that love and family are the most important things in life and nothing can come between you and those you love.

She doesn’t back down.


Belle is opinionated and knows what she feels and thinks. She doesn’t step down from her convictions and isn’t afraid of a fight.

Overall, Belle is an incredible woman who knows how to live a great life. And everything worked out for her in the end, right? She fell in love and got to follow her dreams.

Who is your favorite Disney princess?

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  1. Luann Wright | 27th Mar 17

    I vote for Belle, also!

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