Whenever I tell someone I have a blog and that I write about a variety of things, like life as an expat in Germany, travel, fun adventures, and some of my favorite things, the usual next question is, “Oh, what’s it called?” When I tell them Room for Gelato, I get a funny, dog- cocked- head- to- the- side stare and then, “How’d you come up with that?”

Well, here’s my answer: I believe there’s always room for gelato.

A little backstory: I’ve loved gelato since I studied abroad in Rome during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college. See photo below of college Jess! I fell hard for the way- better- than- ice- cream dessert with whipped cream while strolling the streets of Trastevere (the small city just outside of the Vatican where my college was), not a care in the world. Some days I would have gelato after class, which always ended at 4 PM, and then again after dinner. You only live once you know? Plus, I was walking miles and miles a day so I earned an extra scoop…or three…plus whipped cream, right? I always seemed to have an extra stomach specifically for gelato.

why room for gelato

When I started thinking about starting a blog, I brainstormed a lot of different names, names with my name in them, names with a city, even something specific as, “Howards Abroad.” Nothing felt right. They all either felt too silly, too specific or too time- focused. Then, one night Vinn and I were out to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant in Plymouth, Michigan where we stuffed our faces with bruschetta, pasta, and pizza. When the waiter came back to our table to ask if we wanted to see a dessert menu, we looked at each other, knowing we were both extremely full, like Joey’s Thanksgiving pants full (clip here in case you don’t know what I’m talking about), but decided to take a look at the menu anyway. When we saw that the restaurant makes their own gelato in- house, it was a no brainer to order it. No matter how full I am, there is always room for gelato.

Just like I always have room for gelato, I believe there is always room for more joy, more laughter, more memories, and more experiences…you can never have enough! And that’s how Room for Gelato was born. A blending of my life philosophy and how my stomach seems to have an extra compartment for gelato (especially stracciatella/chocolate chip gelato!).

If you believe in my room for gelato philosophy, I hope you’ll stick around and read about travel, life as an expat, some of my favorite things and more. To learn some more about me, check out my About page.  You also can follow me on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!