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Hey Hey! It’s Wednesday…hump day…or Mittwoch in German. I haven’t had the Internet for a few days because we used our 50 GB hotspot and didn’t have our “real” Internet. Luckily, I have re-entered the 21st Century and our very own modem is working and I’ve been  binge watching Bravo for the majority of the day.

I thought a fun blog post would be to share what we’d chat about if we were drinking a glass of wine al fresco at an amazing restaurant in SoHo. Some people write coffee chats, but I’m all about that vino, so, here’s to the Inaugural Wine Chat on Room for Gelato. 

If we were drinking wine right now, we’d chat about:

Copley’s 2nd Birthday



I can’t believe this sweet girl is 2 years old. I just love her so much. She brings more joy than I ever thought imaginable. She is my shadow, my daily walk partner, funny fetch returner and best snuggle bug in the entire world. And as the perfect birthday gift, she gets a chunk of peanut butter. Let’s be honest, if we were drinking a glass of wine right now, Copley would probably be on my lap.

The Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Drama 



I may be a continent away, but I am following the dram around daytime television. In case you don’t know, Michael Strahan is quitting the talk show to work on GMA full-time. And he didn’t tell Kelly or the show’s producers until he publicly announced it. GASP! Kelly was clearly not happy because she didn’t come back on the show for several days. And Michael was supposed to leave in September but he is now leaving on May 13th!

I love me some drama and this is quite the drama. My take is that Michael should definitely had told Kelly and everyone else what was happening prior to the announcement and Kelly should have shown up to work. I’ll keep watching and following because I adore Kelly Ripa and her entire family. I think she is the best and that we would get along well in real life.

My Sister is Coming!!



I am so excited to say that my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit us next week. They are stopping by Germany on their European vacation and I am so excited to see her and to show her our place and area. I’ll for sure share pictures.

Should I Go Back to School?

If we were sharing a glass of wine, I’d share my thoughts on whether or not I should go back to school. I have always contemplated going to get my MBA and am wondering if now is the time to finally bite the bullet. I’m not 100% sure if I want to go through all the effort, especially studying for the GMAT. It sounds like a lot of work. I know the work will be worth it in the end, of course, it’s just pulling off the band-aid.

Any Recipes?

I feel like I’m in a cooking rut. It’s been great to have access to a kitchen, but I’m making all the recipes that I’ve always made. I want to branch out, especially now that I have the time to cook. Any yummy recipes?

Okay, now I’m ready to go have a real glass of wine!! What would you talk about if we were sharing a glass of wine?


  1. Ara Lawrence | 27th Apr 16

    If I were having a glass of wine with you I would say there is no better time to work on that MBA. As to your request for books to read (from one of your last blogs) I think you would enjoy “The Glassblower Trilogy” Book 1; “The American Lady” Book 2; and “The Paradise of Glass” Book 3. The series is about the early days of glassblowing Christmas ornaments in Germany – made me wish I had some, in fact maybe I do. The author is Petra Durst-Benning with Samuel Wilcox. As for new recipes, I will search among my new ones (right now I can’t do much cooking with this cast!) and send some to you.

    • Jessica Howard | 28th Apr 16

      Would you share a glass of wine with me?!? I’ll take a look at those books. And, I found the cookbook you gave me for my wedding shower. I should look in there for some recipes!!

  2. Caitlin Thompson | 28th Apr 16

    Ah the Kelly Ripa/Michael Strahan drama! I don’t even watch that show and I was obsessed. It was so weird how they pretended she was on a prescheduled vacation and then she came back and did her monologue. I heard he didn’t like working with her.

    Also, here are some of our favorite recent recipes. Send me yours too!

    (We’ve done this one in the oven too if you don’t have a grill):

    Miss you! See you soon(ish)!

    • Jessica Howard | 11th Jul 16

      I absolutely love Skinnytaste!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to try.

  3. Sandra | 1st May 16

    It sounds like an excellent time to pursue an MBA. I moved country with my husband a few years back and didn’t take the time to plan out what I wanted from my career or how to use the time I had on my hands wisely. We had a lovely little boy a short time later – and I definitely didn’t have time to myself then!

    I’m really enjoying your blog. I’m learning German just for fun so enjoying the pictures of Germany. I wonder if Copley finds that dogs have regional variations in their barking…

    all the best

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