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This week was my first week back working in an office and in marketing. To say I am so excited to be back is an absolute understatement!

Side Note: I will not say where and for whom I am working for security reasons. 

I am going into the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and only working 12 hours a week. I am still teaching English online, as well, so this week has been quite busy. So far, I enjoy that my days are full, I get some human interaction, but I still have time to write, blog and plan some vacations..not to jinx it.



Even though it has only been two days, I can already tell I’m really going to enjoy it. I feel stimulated, like my brain works and that I have people to talk to during the day. I’m really just working on one project right now, but that’s okay. It’s not stressful and I can leave work at work. I don’t even have the ability to bring my computer home with me. And with only working 6 hours a day, I go in the morning, crank out some work, have lunch and then it’s basically time to leave. It is fabulous…again, so far. It’s that first day of school feeling. I am wearing my best clothes and putting my best foot forward.

The majority of the office speaks English and I really like that I can practice my German skills. It’s too easy to speak English, though. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and really speak German.

I have already started to notice some differences between working in North America vs. Germany. For instance, the Deutsch keyboard is totally different. I keep hitting ‘Z’ instead of ‘Y’ because the letters are swapped. There is a lot less bull shitting in the office, too. Did you ever notice that in the States people are at someone’s desk just shooting the shit, talking about their weekend and other non-work related topics. It is 100% not like that in Germany. For one thing, work is for work and home is for home. Sure, co-workers share pleasantries, but not deep details about their life outside of the office. Another small thing, is that the “to” part of an email to a group of people literally translates to “Hello, Together.” Just a silly little thing.

Here’s to a new adventure of working in Germany. It’s great to stay in the marketing world and still have time for myself and to pursue my passion of writing. I think I’ll do a day in the life post to share what it’s like working part-time!


  1. Ara Lawrence | 7th Jul 16

    It sounds to me like you now have “the best of both worlds”! Congrats! We are on the countdown to when we leave on our riverboat cruise, at the end of which we will see you. Yea! We will see you July 30th in Naperville!

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