You Should Drink Wine, Not Throw It

Did anyone else watch the episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night?


I seriously can’t believe. I am going to preface by saying this post is going to be snarky and my opinion on the episode. Reality Tea style.

Let’s see…where to start?

The ladies – the fabulous ladies who live in million dollar homes in the most expensive zip code – head to Yolanda’s home of Amsterdam. The land where smoking weed is legal, your first thought is of the Red Light District and apparently you can go to a cafe and eat a cake full of hash. Oh, and also the land of Yolanda, who doesn’t eat solid foods, only does the Master Cleanse, gallops through her Malibu home picking lemons and calls David Foster, “My Love!” One of these things is not like the other.


Although I do love Yolanda. I think she is (usually) level-headed, smart and witty.

The ladies all meet in the lobby to go have a meal and all Hell breaks loose. Actually, Hell would be a much better place. What happens is more like a meal break in a mental institution where all the patients are wearing clothing that costs more than my rent.

The gist: Yolanda wants to talk about deep, meaningful things, like her 18-year-old daughter getting a DUI, that will bring the girls closer together. Lisa Rinna opens up that her older sister died of a drug and alcohol overdose. Rinna apologizes to Kim if she feels that she overstepped her boundaries. Kim is still harping on everything. Kim brings up Rinna’s husband. This happens:


Kim threatens to bring up the “truth” about Harry, Rinna’s husband. Rinna is NOT HAVING IT. And rightfully so. Did anyone else have flashbacks to the trip to Hawaii with the gay bull mastiff guy and Mauricio saying, “The Truth. The Truth.” ? Anyone?

Poor Lisa V in the above, trying not to get her pink pussy blouse wet with wine.

Kim gets mad at Kyle for not defending her. Kyle runs out of the restaurant because she “hates” conflict.

Then, Kim and Rinna make up the next day and ride bikes into the sunset.

The ladies go to a cafe where the talk about the last time they smoked pot and Brand gets mad at Kyle for not partaking in eating a brownie or smoking anything. Then Brandi does what Brandi does and flies off the handle and calls Kyle a hypocrtic.

Basically, the rest of the episode is a snooze fest!

Here are my thoughts:

You should drink wine, not throw it. I definitely think that Rinna was in the right to get upset, but I would never throw a glass of Holland wine at anybody. You should drink it, consume it, enjoy it. Then use all the awful words your mom told you to never to use and really cut a bitch.

Kim is CRAY. There’s no other way to say it. She is bat-shit crazy. And I don’t think it has to do with anything with drinking or the fact that she was a child star. But because she is crazy.

Brandi is the biggest hypocrite ever. I don’t really understand what Brandi was talking about with the whole Kyle smoked pot with Brandi but Kyle wouldn’t bring it up. She gets mad when anyone brings up stuff about her but she’s allowed to bring up stuff about everybody else? She and Kim were made for each other.

Is there something in the water in Beverly Hills? What is it about Beverly Hills and people being addicted to drugs or alcohol? Seriously? Is it a rich people thing? An actor thing? What is it? I definitely think that having a addiction is a disease and can’t always be controlled, but the way Kim handles it is just plan wrong!! She shouldn’t constantly yell at people.

I can’t wait until next week when Brandi slaps Lisa Vanderpump!

Did you watch the episode? Did you think it was as cray cray as I did?

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